Welcome to this Agronomic Monday here on RealAg Radio. On today’s show you’ll hear: Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson talking about the fungicide and nitrogen decision in a dry year; Autumn Barnes, agronomy specialist at Canola Council of Canada, talking about plant stand evaluations and a new online tool; Harold Brown, technical service specialist with BASF, talking… Read More

Welcome to this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio! Thanks for stopping by. On today’s show, you’ll hear from: Hector Carcamo, research scientist at AAFC Lethbridge, on some interesting flea beetle research results; Paul Sullivan of Sullivan Agro has tips for good crop scouting in corn; Haley Catton, crop entomologist at AAFC, Lethbridge, is here… Read More

Early spring can mean risky temperatures, especially for earlier seeded crops; and if canola has emerged already, there’s a risk of frost. If your field has had a touch of frost, the first piece of advice from Autumn Barnes, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada (CCC), is to pump the brakes. “There were… Read More

Welcome to this Monday edition of RealAg Radio. Thanks for stopping by. On today’s show you’ll hear: Dr. Clarence Swanton of the University of Guelph, on how starting clean is critical; Jeremy Boychyn of Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions, to talk about survivability of winter wheat; Autumn Barnes of Canola Council of Canada will talk… Read More

For many, December is a time to reflect, to really sit back and look at what the previous months looked like. What were the highs? What were the lows? Despite 2020 being the year it was — and one I certainly won’t forget in my lifetime — it was also a whole lot of fun… Read More

It’s our first RealAg Q&A LIVE! in studio at RealAgriculture headquarters in Lethbridge, Alberta! Today’s guest is none other than Canola School superstar and agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada, Autumn Barnes. She sits down with host Shaun Haney to talk about all things canola — from plant stand counts, to throwing wrenches, to… Read More

We hope you made it through some of the catastrophic storms that ripped through parts of Western Canada over the weekend. It brought torrential downpours, hail, plough winds, and even some tornados through areas of the Prairies. It’s Agronomic Monday on RealAg Radio, and on today’s episode, you’ll hear: Dr. Doug Baumann of Syngenta, on… Read More

The decision to re-seed a canola crop can be a difficult one, and the reasons to re-seed can be numerous: wind damage or sandblasting, especially in sandier soils, insect damage from cutworms or flea beetles, or overall low plant density. In this episode of RealAgriculture’s Canola School, Kara Oosterhuis chats re-seeding decisions with Autumn Barnes,… Read More

From managing harvest to hands-on combine optimization, the 2019 Alberta Combine College provided attendees a chance for the technical day they requested. “One of the cool things about Combine College is that this is an opportunity to highlight a lot of the research that’s been administered through the Canola Council of Canada, that’s been paid… Read More

Many fields in Western Canada are starting to see the emergence of canola cotyledons, making it prime time to start scouting, and assessing stand establishment. In this Canola School, Autumn Barnes, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, says her favourite trick for assessing stand establishment is to use her bright yellow hula hoop…. Read More


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