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Let’s Re-Evaluate Ag Lingo — “Animal Byproduct” Sounds Icky, Even To Me

I must confess — I’m icked out by the word “animal byproduct”. There, I said it. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand what a byproduct is, nor does it mean I think byproducts shouldn’t find a home in animal or pet foods — these are safe, nutrient-dense feed ingredients — but in a world of… Read more »

I’m Done with fearing food and done with A&W: Andrew Campbell

There are hormones in your food! What’s worse, they are in you! Alarmed yet? You shouldn’t be, and I’ll tell you why, plus why I’m done with marketing gimmicks and done with A&W Canada. Yes, there are hormones in your food, but are they something to fear? A&W certainly thinks so, with a new campaign… Read more »