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TWORA — Hauling Hay, Harvesting Ahead of Normal and Glencore Considers Selling Stake in Ag Assets — Sept 10

From Calgary, this week’s ag news podcast includes updates on harvest, the beef market, a new tool aimed at increasing grain market transparency and the latest announcements from McDonald’s and Glencore: Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Quality Hay or a Family of Rats — What’s Your Farm Acquiring?

The Ag-Info Centre’s Barry Yaremcio joins Debra Murphy to talk about some of the things to monitor when accepting and feeding an out-of-area shipment of hay. It’s been a difficult year for Alberta farmers. Dry conditions throughout the growing season led many who typically have enough feed, to buy elsewhere. Others received generous donations. And, though… Read more »

Ergot Poisoning Symptoms and Prevention in Cattle

A plant disease caused by the fungus Claviceps purpurea, ergot, is nothing new, nor is its affect on animals who consume it. In fact, humans who ingested the fungus in the middle ages were said to have a problem known as “St. Anthony’s fire,” whereby narrowing of blood vessels would occur, and would often lead to changes… Read more »

Grass & Winter Tetany: What you Need to Know, What you Can Do

The factors to consider when moving animals or changing feeding tactics can be overwhelming.  In the case of rapid grass growth (as is evident this year), producers are advised to feed a supplement containing magnesium, especially for lactating cattle. This is all in an effort to prevent grass tetany, a metabolic condition that causes animals… Read more »