When it comes to applying a pre-harvest burndown, getting in the field for an accurate pod assessment is crucial. When a harvest aid is applied at the appropriate time, it can work quickly. On this Soybean School episode, Bernard Tobin is joined by BASF agronomist Ken Currah in the field to talk staging soybeans for… Read More

BASF Canada is launching its BASF Safety Scouts program as a fun and interactive way to support family farm safety. Through the new program, participants will receive a free safety vest and toolkit, and can take on the role of an official Safety Scout. The program is part of BASF’s partnership with the Canadian Agricultural… Read More

There is tremendous yield potential in Ontario corn fields right now. With recent rainfalls, subsoil moisture has been replenished and the crop has jumped in the last few days. Great looking acres and strong corn prices both weigh into the decision to apply fungicides. In this Corn School episode, Bernard Tobin is joined by BASF… Read More

We know that planting a soybean crop is half the battle in getting good yields, but once it’s growing and the potential is there, how can growers protect soybean yield potential? In this Soybean School episode, Ken Currah, agronomist at BASF, joins Bernard Tobin in the field at Oxford County, Ont., to talk white mould,… Read More

Dry spring planting conditions have many growers wondering how their soil-applied residual herbicides will perform, as the weather continues to heat up with little meaningful rain in sight. Research by University of Guelph weed scientist Dr. Peter Sikkema indicates pre-emergence herbicides will still deliver significant value for growers in dry spring conditions. He notes that… Read More

Corteva Agriscience and BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions (BASF) have announced a collaboration and joint approach to weed control by recommending the combined use of Liberty 200 SN and Enlist herbicides on Enlist E3TM soybean acres. The combination will work especially well on weeds like waterhemp and Canada fleabane, that are now glyphosate resistant in many… Read More

Any time you’re growing canola, and any field you’re growing it in, clubroot should be on your mind. For Leighton Blashko, senior technical specialist at BASF Canada, the two most important things when it comes to this yield-robbing disease are sanitation and avoidance. In this Canola School episode, Blashko and field editor Kara Oosterhuis talk about… Read More

Early spring is a great time to check out how well residue was spread from the previous harvest. Having uniform residue management can make all the difference for seedbed preparation, seeding, and getting that uniform canola stand. In this Canola School episode, Leighton Blashko, senior technical specialist with BASF, joins Kara Oosterhuis in the field… Read More

Plenty of things are showing signs of life right about now in Ontario, including the weeds. To determine how to control these yield-robbing plants in the weeks ahead, Bernard Tobin is joined by Rob Miller, agronomist at BASF, in this episode of the Corn School. Typically, a conversation on spring weed control is determined by what… Read More

Herbicide resistance is unfortunately on farmers’ radars lately. Crop diseases becoming resistant to existing fungicides is thankfully not super common, but fungicide resistance has and will happen. To discuss how resistance develops, best management practices to avoid it, and which chemistries are most at risk, RealAg LIVE! host Shaun Haney is joined by Colleen Redlick… Read More

When there wasn’t a lot of rain in the fall, and even less precipitation in the winter, dry seeding conditions are a concern. The choice between chasing moisture or waiting for a rain to seed can be daunting. Allison McLellan, technical service specialist with BASF, joins Kara Oosterhuis for this Canola School episode about tips for seeding… Read More

Inoculants are produced each year, and a fresh batch will start rolling off the production line just before spring arrives. An inoculant product is different from other crop inputs, and there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to storing your pea, lentil, chickpea, or faba bean inoculant products. In this episode of the Pulse… Read More

One of the keys to a high-yielding corn crop is even, uniform emergence. Growers can achieve this management goal in early-planted April crops when soil conditions are fit, but what happens when the weather turns bad and soil conditions take a turn for the worst at planting? On this episode of Corn School, Ken Currah,… Read More

4-H Canada and BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions (BASF) have announced their renewed partnership — effective from 2021 to 2023 —which is designed to help youth leaders advocate for important issues and make positive contributions to their communities. The partnership will see BASF continue as the lead partner of 4-H Canada’s Community Engagement & Communications Pillar… Read More

Do you need to manage herbicide-resistant weeds? Could you use more flexibility during the busy planting season? Does heavy weed pressure make it difficult to keep fields clean early in the season? These are all questions growers should be asking as they plan their 2021 soybean weed control programs, says BASF technical development manager Rob… Read More


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