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Farm Groups Try New Leadership Approach for Public Support

When your back’s against the wall, and talking and reasoning isn’t working, sometimes a 1-2 punch seems like the only forward. For example, in recent times, some Ontario farm groups — grain farmers, in particular — have used what appeared to be a pretty tough approach in dealing with pressure over neonicotinoid pesticides. People in… Read more »

Ontario Doubles Feeder Cattle Loan Limits

Ontario beef farmers will now have access to double the individual loan limits under the Ontario Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee program. For the purchasing of feeder cattle, new members who are enrolled in the program are now able to access a loan for up to $100,000 (an increase of $50,000), and existing members are now… Read more »

Ontario Cattle Check-off Increases to $4/head as of November 1, 2014

The Beef Farmers of Ontario are reminding cattle producers that, effective November 1, 2014, the check-off fee will be increased from $3 per head to $4 per head. Three of the four dollars collected will remain with the Beef Farmers of Ontario; the last dollar will be forwarded to the national agency to continue to… Read more »

Potential Opening of Ontario’s Great Clay Belt to Beef Producers Could be a Boon for Young Ranchers

If you can’t see the embedded audio, click here. If Ontario wants to build an industry, the Beef Farmers of Ontario have a solution — open up just a portion of the Great Clay Belt crown lands to aspiring ranchers. The Clay Belt in northern Ontario and Quebec covers an astounding 180,000 sq. km, split… Read more »

Beef Farmers of Ontario Rolls Out New Brand

The Beef Farmers of Ontario, formerly the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, has launched its new name, look and website, a change decided on this past February at the annual general meeting. “Given the changing dynamics and expectations of our industry, we see the change in name as an opportunity to not only build on, but to… Read more »