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Farmer-Owned Genesis Going Ahead With $24 Million Fertilizer Distribution Centre

A farmer-owned business established with the dream of building a network of grain and fertilizer handling facilities in Western Canada has announced it’s going ahead with its first of seven proposed fertilizer distribution centres. Genesis Grain & Fertilizer — the company formed and promoted by the same people behind Farmers of North America (FNA) and… Read more »

FNA Says CWB Has Rejected Its Bid To Turn the Wheat Board Into a Farmer Grain Company

Farmers of North America says its bid to acquire the former Canadian Wheat Board and its grain handling assets has been rejected by CWB’s management. FNA was looking to raise up to $380 million from Western Canadian farmers to purchase a majority stake in CWB and use its assets to launch a farmer-owned grain and… Read more »

FNA Spearheading New Fertilizer Plant

FNA is looking for farmer commitment and seed money for a new western Canadian fertilizer plant it has dubbed “ProjectN.” The organization is not looking to be an owner of this plant; FNA is acting only as facilitator to round up interest and fund the FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership. “It needs to be clear that… Read more »