Soy Canada remains optimistic about its lofty goals for soybean acres in Western Canada. In 2017, the national organization set a target for 10 million acres across the country by 2027, with six million in Western Canada. In 2021, Prairie acres — mostly in Manitoba — were at 1.4 million, down from 1.8 million in… Read More

While inflation continues to soar based on new data released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday, commodity markets have tumbled over the last few days over fears of a recession. Today’s show, hosted live by Shaun Haney in southern Ontario this week, includes the following guests and topics: Joe Vaclavik, president of Standard Grain on the… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to RealAg Radio — we’re so happy to have you along for the ride. On this Tuesday episode of the show, we hear from: Brian Innes of Soy Canada, on a new sustainability initiative that Soy Canada will be launching in 2022; Mark Gottselig of Global Ag Risk Solutions with a… Read More

What drives demand for sustainably grown soybeans? Is there a need for a sustainability program for Canadian grown soybeans and what would that look like? It’s not just identity-preserved value chains that are seeing an increased demand for record keeping and assurances, says Brian Innes, executive director at Soy Canada. “What we’re seeing is the… Read More

Welcome to this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio. Today’s show — sponsored by Syngenta Canada — is filled with a great lineup. You’ll hear: The top ag news stories of the day with host Shaun Haney; Brian Innes, on his new role as executive director at Soy Canada, a position that starts in the beginning… Read More

The Canola Council of Canada (CCC) recently announced a revitalized market access strategy to help prevent and resolve challenges in the future. More stable and open trade is the goal, and the organization plans to get there by focusing on how market access challenges are evolving at each stage of the value chain. The last… Read More

Soy Canada has announced Brian Innes will be joining the organization as its new executive director. Innes is currently vice-president of public affairs for the Canola Council of Canada, and past-president of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance. “Brian brings to Soy Canada an extensive background in agriculture and government,” says Ernie Sirski, Chair of Soy… Read More

Welcome to this Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio! We appreciate you taking time out of your day to drop by. On today’s show you’ll hear: Brian Innes of Canola Council of Canada and the new market access revitalization program; Mike Bender of Nufarm joins us for a product spotlight; Cyr Couturier, aquaculture scientist at Memorial… Read More

The federal government’s Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) could create a new market equal in size to that of Japan’s for Canadian canola, according to the Canola Council of Canada. The draft regulations supporting the new fuel standard, which would require fuel companies reduce the lifecycle carbon intensity of their fuels, were published in Canada Gazette… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this Tuesday edition of the show. On RealAg Radio today you’ll hear: The top ag news stories of the day; Brian Innes of the Canola Council of Canada on the CFS changes; Matthew Pot of Grain Perspectives, on the currency market; and, Laura Van Eerd of the University of Guelph,… Read More

It’s time for RealAgRadio! We hope you are having a terrific Tuesday — no matter where you are, or what you are doing! Today’s show is a big one, filled with policy surrounding the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS), and more. You’ll hear: Host Shaun Haney, with the top ag news stories of the day; Brian… Read More

Farmers across Canada are beginning to hear more and more about the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) being proposed by the federal government. But what on earth is it? The government is aiming to reward low carbon fuel in the Canadian fuel system, potentially offering a lot of opportunity for biofuels — fuels made from things… Read More

Today’s radio show continues our coverage of the Western Canadian Crop Production Show at (so cold) Saskatoon, Sask. For this episode, host Shaun Haney gets settled in at the Nufarm booth. For this Wednesday episode, you’ll hear: The latest on the China-canola export issue and biofuel expansion, via Brian Innes with the Canola Council of… Read More

The World Trade Organization (WTO) was created to add stability to global trade by upholding certain rules between trading partners. The organization has been criticized for being too slow, and, at times, ineffective. But the WTO exists for very good reason, says Brian Innes, past president of CAFTA who also is the head of public… Read More

Today, on RealAgRadio, we’re talking trade, economics, and politics (basically a trifecta of Shaun’s favourite topics). You’ll hear: The top ag news with RealAgriulture’s Jessika Guse; Are there solutions to our problematic relationship with China? Former Member of Parliament Stockwell Day joins the show; and Brian Innes, of Canola Council of Canada, chats about the… Read More


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