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The small world of ag: U.S. ag secretary tweets t-shirt photo quoting Sask. dairy farmer

It’s funny how word travels in today’s social media world. Someone shares a photo or message on Twitter or Facebook and it can be instantly seen around the world. If shared publicly, you never know who’s going to see or react to what you posted. Take, for example, this tweet by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture… Read more »

Frustrated With Consumers — The Story Behind My Viral Venting

Editor’s note: Saskatchewan dairy farmer Cam Houle’s tweet about people taking farmers for granted has resonated widely, receiving more than a thousand retweets since it was posted on April 10th. RealAg’s Shaun Haney wrote this column “Has Farming Become a Thankless Job?” in response. Now Cam shares the story behind the tweet and the lesson from it: I was… Read more »