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Women Still Largely Underrepresented, Holding Just Over 10% of Seats on Canadian Boards

It was made pretty clear at the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference in Calgary: women need to be more involved in boards. According to a survey conducted by GMI Ratings, in 2012 women held just 10.3% of seats on Canadian boards, a far cry from the 30%, and ultimately 50% goal outlined by a Report… Read more »

Sustainable Crop Roundtable Launched, Developing Sustainability Metrics for Grain

Representatives from across Canada’s grain sector are in Ottawa today for the launch of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops. The group will serve as a forum for “advancing, reporting on and communicating the sustainability of Canadian grain production.” “Increasingly, our customers are factoring in environmental and social considerations when sourcing products,” said Chantelle Donahue,… Read more »