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Agribition showcases the quality of Canadian livestock genetics to the world

A major highlight for the Canadian cattle industry every November is Canadian Western Agribition. Between the rodeo, cattle sales, tradeshows, auctioneer championships and the general family fun, Agribition brings industries together in Regina, SK. There is something special about Agribition on the cattle show circuit. – Chris Lane, CEO of Agribition. There were some unique… Read more »

From the Newsroom to the Cattle Barns: Meet New Agribition CEO Chris Lane

Whether producing award-winning newscasts or producing Canada’s largest livestock show, the process behind the scenes is similar, says the new CEO of Canadian Western Agribition. Chris Lane joined Agribition in July after working as a senior news producer for CBC in Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Maritimes. “It’s really about people,” he explains, as we chatted… Read more »

Canadian Western Agribition Wrangles New CEO

Those last two letters on the end of @ChrisLaneCBC‘s twitter handle might soon be changing. Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) today announced that Lane has been appointed as the new chief executive officer for the show. “On behalf of the board, we are pleased to welcome Chris to the CWA team,” CWA president, Stewart Stone, said in a… Read more »