Welcome to this Friday edition of RealAg Radio. We’ve got an issues panel for you on today’s show, where you’ll hear RealAg’s Lyndsey Smith and Kelvin Heppner, along with  Christina Crowley-Arklie of Crowley-Arklie Strategy. They’ll talk about: Predicting the “new normal” for agriculture; Who’s going to pay for the COVID-19 relief packages; International trade commission… Read More

We’ve reached the end of another week! Thanks for tuning into RealAg Radio. On today’s show you’ll hear a Beef Market Update from Anne Wasko of the Gateway Livestock Exchange, as well as an issues panel with RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith, Kelvin Heppner, and Christina Crowley-Arklie of Crowley-Arklie Strategy. They’ll be talking about: The U.S. inauguration;… Read More

Today’s show features interviews and discussion from September through October. You’ll hear from: Glyn Chancey, executive director of the CSGA, on the Seeds Canada vote; Lianne Rood, shadow minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food for the Conservative Party; Alexandra Posadzki, telecom reporter for the Globe and Mail, on faster internet speeds in rural communities using low-earth… Read More

It’s Friday the 13th! Some consider it an unlucky day, but others consider it lucky. It’s 2020, though, so anything is possible! On today’s show, you’ll hear from Anne Wasko with the Beef Market Update, and a RealAg issues panel with host Lyndsey Smith, RealAg’s Kelvin Heppner, and Christina Crowley-Arklie, covering: Consumer confidence in our… Read More