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How did you celebrate wheat and barley marketing freedom day?

Farmers across Western Canada celebrated on Tuesday as it was the fifth anniversary of farmers gaining marketing freedom for wheat and barley, formerly known as ‘board grains’. On August 1, 2012 farmers were given control of marketing their own farm production. Wheat and barley no longer had to be sold through the Canadian Wheat Board’s… Read more »

Wheat School: Setting the Stage for Marketing the 2015 Wheat Crop

As harvest rolls on where weather allows, traders are getting a better handle on the yield and quality profile of this year’s wheat crop. In this Wheat School episode, Bruce Burnett, weather and crop analyst with CWB (soon to be G3 Canada) Market Research, walks us through the supply/demand fundamentals as the new crop hits… Read more »

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Is Dropping the CWB Brand the Right Move?

It wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted to really heat up a room full of western Canadian farmers, you’d simply have to mention the Canadian Wheat Board. Shortly thereafter, the battle lines would be drawn between those who fully supported the board’s government-mandated monopoly and those who wanted it abolished. Then came… Read more »

CWB Name Becomes History as G3 Canada Launches

First its monopoly was removed, and now the name will be history too. The Canadian Wheat Board (or CWB) formally became a private grain company known as “G3 Canada” today. G3 Global Grain Group — the joint venture between Bunge and the Saudi Agriculture and Livestock Investment Company — completed the $250 million acquisition of a… Read more »

TWORA — Crop Tours and French Fries — July 16

It’s crop tour season in most areas, and as part of this week’s update, Bruce Burnett of CWB joins Kelvin Heppner to recap his tour looking at crop conditions across the Canadian prairies. The ag ministers’ meeting in PEI, a new canola crush plant at Camrose and fusarium issues in wheat are also highlighted in the… Read more »

How an Elevator’s Made: An Up-Close Look at the Construction of a Modern Grain Terminal

It’s hard to miss the construction of a new grain elevator. The sheer size of the structure almost instantly changes the skyline in a rural area. Neighbours, farmers and motorists watch with curiosity from a distance as the structure takes shape. If you go back almost a century, the construction of a new elevator was a… Read more »

CWB’s Infrastructure Taking Shape — Answers to Farmer Ownership Questions Still Up in the Air

There’s no question the Canadian Wheat Board is establishing its physical presence in Western Canada, but farmers are still seeking answers to questions about how they will participate in owning the grain business controlled by G3 Global Grain Group — a joint venture between Bunge and a Saudi government investment company. A farmer equity trust… Read more »

Farmer Equity and G3’s CWB: Questions About Farmer Ownership Remain

Western Canadian farm groups are generally welcoming the increased competition that should result from turning the (incapacitated?) Canadian Wheat Board into a private grain company controlled by Bunge and a Saudi investment company, but producer groups are still seeking answers about the farmer ownership part of the deal. The agreement announced this week will see farmers owning 49.9 percent… Read more »

Who is G3 and What are Their Plans for the CWB?

Less than three years after the end of the Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk, the CWB is on the verge of becoming a private grain company controlled by a joint venture between global grain business Bunge and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company — the Saudi Arabian government’s primary agricultural investment arm. The new alliance known… Read more »

G3 Global Grain Group (Bunge & SALIC Canada) Takes on Majority Ownership of CWB — Updated

Update on July 31, 2015: G3 Global Grain Group today announced the successful close of its deal to acquire a majority stake in CWB. CWB will be combined with the grain assets of Bunge Canada to form G3 Canada Limited. Ian White, CWB President and CEO, said he is “gratified” with the outcome of the CWB… Read more »

Prairie Soil Moisture Conditions in “Reasonably Good Shape, With Some Exceptions”

Soil moisture conditions across Western Canada are “in reasonably good shape” heading into the 2015 growing season, but there are areas where farmers who might not be accustomed to farming in dry conditions are preparing for a dry start to the year. As Bruce Burnett, weather and crops specialist with CWB, explains in the audio interview… Read more »

Supreme Court Decides Against Hearing Class Action Lawsuit Over End of CWB Single Desk

The Supreme Court of Canada has decided it will not hear the class action case brought forward by four farmers representing the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board. The decision upheld previous rulings by the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal, which rejected most of the group’s $17 billion lawsuit against the federal… Read more »

CWB Responds to Speculation About Privatization

With speculation swirling around the privatization of the Canadian Wheat Board, the chief strategy officer for CWB has published an open letter explaining why much of grain marketer’s commercialization plan is being kept confidential. Although she doesn’t mention Farmers of North America’s offer specifically, Dayna Spiring describes why bids to acquire CWB may have been rejected:… Read more »

While Questions Surround CWB 2.0, Farmers Should Hope Privatization Goes Well

So who’s going to buy CWB (formerly “the Canadian Wheat Board”)? And where’s the money for new elevators coming from? Will they become “just another grain company”? How will farmers benefit? These are all questions I’ve heard farmers asking each other during intermissions at hockey rinks, at coffee shops and on Twitter over the last… Read more »

CWB’s First Laker on the Way to Thunder Bay

Almost four years after ordering them, CWB has taken delivery of the first of two ships for moving grain from Thunder Bay across the Great Lakes. CWB Marquis, an Equinox class laker, is currently crossing the Pacific Ocean from China, and is expected to reach the St. Lawrence Seaway via the Panama Canal by the end… Read more »