In 2023, the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame (OAHF) will induct David Biesenthal, Dale Cowan, Mack Emiry, Richard Frank, Brian Gilroy, Peter Gould, Carolynne Griffith, Ray Robertson, Robert James Scott, Tarlok Singh Sahota, and Doug Wagner. The new OAHF nominees represent a wide range of industry sectors, disciplines and organizations including agronomy and crop consulting,… Read More

The Christmas presents have been opened and you’ve finished the turkey leftovers. What’s next for the holidays? Why not binge soybean videos! The RealAgriculture Soybean School published 30 videos in 2022 and here’s your chance to see what you missed or do a double take on your favourite episodes. The 2022 season kicked off with… Read More

The Christmas holidays are here! What better way to spend the time than catching some of the 30 Corn School episodes RealAgriculture published in 2022? We kicked off the season in January with Purdue University agronomy professor Dr. Tony Vyn who tackled the question: where does yield come from? Vyn notes that hybrid research over… Read More

What is your time worth? This week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word encourages everyone to slow down for two major reasons: one, time is fleeting and the years we get with our kids and our loved ones are short; and, two, working safe on the farm and the roads requires a stop, look, act approach…. Read More

Keeping a close eye on crop canopy development can help growers better manage soybean crops. From helping select the best row spacing for a specific variety, to improving weed control there’s much to learn from understanding the speed at which a soybean variety closes the row as well as plant characteristics and architecture. On this… Read More

Biostimulants designed to enhance performance and yield are nothing new in the corn management world. But growers can expect to see more and more of these products as manufacturers look to bring to market management solutions that alleviate the abiotic stresses plants experience when growing conditions are either too hot, cold, wet or dry. On… Read More

Monday may be a dreaded day for many…however, here at RealAgriculture we look forward to it, because that means we get to talk agronomy on RealAg Radio! On today’s show, you’ll hear: Andy Kieraszewicz, farmer in Rodney, Ont., on raising soil organic matter; Manbir Rakkar of Montana State University, on the roll pulses can play… Read More

Wheat harvest is underway in Ontario and many cash crop farmers are wondering whether they should plant those acres to soybeans and take advantage of double cropping. Double crop soybeans are always an opportunity for many growers, says AGRIS Co-operative agronomist Dale Cowan, but it’s important to understand the risks. In 2021, he notes that… Read More

Positioning of the right crop protection products in the right region for the right timeframe is an annual logistics challenge. For the 2022 season, anticipated delivery snags and supply chain pinch points were managed as well as could be expected, but extreme conditions in Western Canada, and persistent manufacturer issues have suppliers and retailers working… Read More

Hopefully you had a great weekend, whatever that meant for you. Just like that, it’s Monday again. The positive of Monday on RealAg Radio, means we get to talk all things agronomy! Host Shaun Haney has a great lineup for you. You’ll hear: Peter Sikkema of the University of Guelph — Ridgetown Campus, on glyphosate… Read More

When it comes to applying nitrogen fertilizer, agronomists have to help determine the right rate, right placement, the right time, and the rate form of N to protect the environment and feed the crop. The backdrop to those decisions include the farm setup, soil test results, yield goals, and product availability. There’s also that key… Read More

The practice of variable rate seeding for corn continues to increase as growers attempt to match seeding rates and hybrid characteristics to the varying yield potential across their fields. With the growth of precision agriculture, every year more growers adopt variable rate seeding strategies but are they effectively evaluating and fine-tuning this strategy on their… Read More

There are plenty of things farmers can add to soil other than a commercial fertilizer to add carbon and feed microbes. Increasingly, there are products that promise increased nutrient availability or even nitrogen-fixation for non-legumes. Whether or not the products work as they should and determining the best situation to use them is yet to… Read More

Great Lakes Grain’s annual Crop Assessment Tour has wrapped for the year and included over 500 corn fields and nearly 400 soybean fields. Reports from the tour suggest that the Ontario corn crop is shaping up to be a new provincial record. Early planting and less stress than past years means the corn crop is… Read More

Welcome this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio. On today’s show, you’ll hear: Ken Currah, agronomist at BASF, on fungicide strategies in corn; Meghan Vankosky, field crop entomologist at AAFC, Saskatoon, for a chat about pea leaf weevil; Dale Cowan, AGRIS Co-op agronomist, talks about nitrogen fixation in corn; Nate Ort, agronomy specialist at Canola… Read More


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