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Canola School: Too Early to Panic Over Dry Soils

With maps of moisture extremes popping up across the prairies, and predictions of another dry year, it’s hard to know what to make of seeding. But, as Murray Hartman, oilseed specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry points out in this episode of the Canola School, there isn’t much sense in panicking. Not yet. Moisture Extremes… Read more »

Clubroot Overcoming Resistant Canola Varieties Across Alberta

Resistance to clubroot disease in canola is deteriorating across Alberta, according to research conducted by Alberta Agriculture and the University of Alberta. Multiple pathotypes are now suspected to be responsible for infecting canola varieties that were previously deemed resistant to the soil-borne disease. The presence of a different clubroot pathotype that could infect resistant varieties… Read more »

Canola School: Is it a Nitrogen Deficiency? Compare & Contrast to be Sure

From a distance, a nitrogen deficient canola plant and a sulphur deficient plant can actually look rather similar. It’s only once you get up close and compare it to plants from other areas of the field, that you can better assess what’s hampering growth of the crop. In this episode of the Canola School, Dan… Read more »

Are You Burning Canola Seed Without Realizing It? Very Possibly

Canola seedlings faces a host of enemies before they even see the light of day — seeds can get bashed around in the air seeder, plowed down too deep, hit by root rots or burned by seed-placed fertilizer. There are ways and means of minimizing the impact of each of these threats to your eventual… Read more »