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TWORA — Crop Quality Concerns, Earls’ Apology and the Cattle Industry Comes Together — Aug 11

Harvest is off to a wet start in much of Western Canada, putting a damper on potential quality and yield. We hear from Neil Townsend of FarmLink Marketing Solutions on this week’s podcast, discussing how the wheat market looks as harvest ramps up. As well, cattle people from across the country are in Calgary this week for the inaugural… Read more »

Experiencing the Election as a Rural Deputy Returning Officer

Editor’s Note: This blog was written the day after the election. We waited for approval from the area’s Returning Officer. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to ensure no oaths were broken in the typing of this blog (Debra’s a stickler for rules). A couple of weeks ago, I was forwarded a… Read more »

What Makes a Great Provincial Agriculture Minister?

The role of a provincial agriculture minister is complicated. On one hand, they’re supposed to be loyal to their party and leader and on the other, there’s an expectation that they stand up for farmers and the agriculture sector. It’s easy to point a finger at the flaws and mistakes of a provincial agriculture minister, but… Read more »

Enthusiasm, Support Abound (With Just a Hint of Controversy) at the Advancing Women Conference

Last week, close to 600 women, and a few men, met in the Calgary, Alta., for the second Advancing Women in Agriculture leadership conference. From learning about the value of networking, to finding work/life balance, to hearing many people’s personal journeys to success, women who attended the conference left inspired, connected and energized. As is… Read more »

This Week on RealAg — Jan. 23: Funding, Conferences and Florida!

This week, TWORA‘s guest host with the gruff voice, Debra Murphy, gives highlights of some of the news from the Alberta Beef Producers and a recent funding announcement at the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference. She also hears from Lyndsey and Shaun, who were out of the office this week on adventures to tropical Alberta and the state… Read more »

RealAg this Week – Rhett Vanishes, Lyndsey Moves and Russia Goes Crazy

Shaun Haney and Debra Murphy discuss this week at RealAgriculture.com. Rhett and Lyndsey took the week off to take care of some very important things.  Lyndsey moved to Ottawa and Rhett vanished from the world.  Shaun, Jason, and Debra held down the fort for the team and had a great week. In this RealAg this… Read more »

The Road Map to Achieving Goals — Mary Morrissey

Having one dark chapter in your life doesn’t mean that’s how the whole book has to be, says Mary Morrissey, a life coach and motivational speaker, who spoke at last month’s Advancing Women — Leadership in Agriculture conference. Morrissey is no stranger to set backs, challenges and being told her dreams were unattainable. But from… Read more »

This Week on RealAg: Health & Safety, Poor Weather & Poorer Tractor Etiquette

If you can’t see the embedded player above, click here to hear this interview. It’s that time again — when Lyndsey Smith and Debra Murphy finally remember to do a wrap up of the week that was on Real Agriculture! Lucky listeners are in for a serious treat this week, as Smith and Murphy spend… Read more »

The Advancing Women in Ag Wrap Up: Work/Life Balance, Cucumber Water & Why Different is Good

Long-time followers and fans of Real Agriculture know two things: we love to do a conference or show wrap up at most of the events we cover, and, that we usually include incredibly serious, hard hitting news in each of them. Well, that second point may be a bit of a stretch, but the Real… Read more »

An Audio Re-Cap of the Grain Handling and Logistics Summit

Debra Murphy took in the the first ever Grain Handling and Logistics Summit in Saskatoon today. Near the end of the day, she and RealAgriculture editor Lyndsey Smith re-capped the hot topics of the day, a day filled with tough questions and even tougher answers. From a representative from CN Rail who didn’t wait around… Read more »

This Week on RealAg — A Premier Resigns, CHS Makes a Big Move & Corn for Alberta

In a (not very) surprising twist, RealAgriculture editor Lyndsey Smith has decided to do away with a weekly written column and instead cajole her coworkers into an audio wrap up of the week. In this first audio version of This Week on RealAg, Lyndsey is joined by none other than field editor Debra Murphy. Hilarity… Read more »

This Week on RealAg — The February 14th Edition

Bad news out of Manitoba this morning, as the first suspected case of porcine epidemic diarrhea is awaiting confirmation from the disease lab here in Winnipeg. The Chief Vet’s office has already confirmed the infection at a wean to finish operation in hog-heavy southeastern Manitoba, but until the lab confirms it it’s still only suspected…. Read more »

Depth of Field — An Australian Fortnight

In photography, depth of field is a term used to describe the zone within a shot that appears acceptably sharp. It is one of the most powerful tools a photographer has to draw attention towards (or away from) a particular subject. It also happens to be the title I chose for a new series. “Depth… Read more »

Ruminating with RealAg, Ep. 2 — Conference Highlights, Hay Shortages & the Beef Straw Man Initiative

It’s calving season. You waited – we’ve delivered! Our second podcast is up and available for download! This podcast features an interview with Travis Peardon, a livestock specalist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, about how last year’s harsh winter is still affecting ranch management. The rest of the podcast is a blur of activity,… Read more »

This Week on RealAg — The December 13th Edition

This week started out very different from most weeks, as word came that the Minister of Agriculture would be making a “very large announcement” in the afternoon. I shuffled my schedule and packed my gear and braved the cold to be in the audience when ag minister Gerry Ritz announced Bill C-18, the Canadian Agricultural… Read more »