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Degelman adds seeding capability to Pro-Till disc

Farmers are always thinking of ways to be more efficient: why make two or three passes through the field if you only need one? Degelman developed its Pro-Till to work land that had to be brought into shape, but farmers started asking if they could do more with this piece of equipment, explains Laird McLeod,… Read more »

Degelman’s Pro-Till Cultivators Cut Clods, Level Ruts at Over 10MPH

Degelman’s Pro-Till 33 and Pro-Till 40 are certainly heavy-weight competitors, weighing in at over 32 000 lbs, and carrying it all in their frames. And somehow, with all that weight, they still compete at high speeds, levelling ruts, shredding heavy fall residue and breaking up clods at over 10 miles per hour.   The units… Read more »