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The Eighth Deadly Sin

By Dick Haney There is now an eighth deadly sin – the sin of allowing ourselves to be fearful because of sensationalism and misinformation. The seven deadly sins which are anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony have been used to define those human shortcomings and pitfalls that we all face and must deal… Read more »

Rodeos Have Gone to $%^& !!!!!!

By Dick Haney It’s time to man the Ramparts: Our Western Heritage is Under Attack Guy Weadick and Pat Burns who were instrumental in organizing the first Calgary Stampede in 1912 must be rolling over in their graves with the most recent announcement about how the Rangeland Derby is being changed to placate those most… Read more »

The Succession Plan is the Road Map and Legacy is the Final Destination of the Journey

The Succession Saga – Part Six By Dick Haney Anyone on the slippery side of 50 has I’m sure asked themselves the question, “What do I want my legacy to be and how will my time be remembered?” This is one of the most important life questions that one will ever attempt to answer and… Read more »

The Concept of Loyalty and How It Relates to Business

By Dick Haney As we started out the New Year, there were at least in my family the obligatory college football games to be viewed on January 1st. These games are part sport, part pageant and in many instances the most visual expression of loyalty that we will probably see all year. The stands are… Read more »

Succession Saga Part 3 – Your Exit Is All About Timing in the Family Business

By Dick Haney Whether You are Entering or Exiting a Business as General Manager, Timing is Everything. “You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Probably many of you have identified these words as part of a song written by Kenny Rogers called… Read more »

Out of the Information Arbitrage Pot and into the Real Time Information Fire

By Dick Haney We are living in the real time information age, and it is providing both challenges and opportunities in our businesses, but most importantly it is affecting how we make decisions. This change has arrived with the force of a tsunami and it is invading our workplace from all directions. These changes are… Read more »

The Prince Charles Syndrome – What Constitutional Monarchies and Family Business Have in Common

The Succession Saga – Part Two By Dick Haney The Prince Charles Syndrome is an affliction that affects not only Royal Families, but potentially your family business as well. The House of Windsor (The ruling English Monarchy) is arguably one of the most successful family businesses on the planet. Although the House of Windsor has… Read more »

The Farm Succession Saga: Part One

By Dick Haney Succession, or as some call it- Sucksession, the silent killer of small business, is potentially the Ebola disease of family business longevity. I am going to approach this topic from a different number of directions over the course of a number of weeks. This topic will be analyzed and dissected from the… Read more »

The Potential Impending Land Debt Debacle – Las Vegas and Farm Land Values

By Dick Haney At the risk of sounding like the Saturday Night Live character Debbie Downer, there is a potential evil that lurks among us; it is how we leverage equity in our operations to buy more agricultural farm land. I think it would be useful to examine the similarities between Las Vegas and financial… Read more »

The Balance of Power May be Changing

Residents of Rural Alberta, Forget those feelings of Entitlement – You’re nowhere near as important as you once were but MAYBE the Times are a Changing I had the privilege of being a resident of rural Alberta in the heady days of the Peter Lougheed era. At the risk of sounding nostalgic, those were the… Read more »

Tax Policy is Killing the Cattle Industry with Kindness

We have lots of cows in Canadian Agriculture, but we also have some sacred cows a well. One of these is the ability to shelter income through the cash method of reporting farming  income. For those who don€™t know how this works, it is a simplistic formula whereby as long as you have more expenses than… Read more »