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Proposed Bill C-246 Could Criminalize Routine Livestock Agriculture Practices

A private member’s bill entitled the “Modernizing Animal Protections Act” will receive second reading on September 28, 2016. The bill is set for a vote in Canada’s House of Commons late next week. While the off-the-hop goals of avoiding shark harvesting in Canadian waters and shutting down puppy mills seem in line with the title,… Read more »

Ambition, Arrogance and Ontario’s Appetite for Climate Change

How will the Ontario government’s $7 billion Climate Change Action Plan affect the province’s agriculture industry? Based on the details released this week in the Globe and Mail, the big jolt would likely come in the form of a phase-out of natural gas in the province. Farm leaders have lobbied hard for the gasification of… Read more »

Environment and Infrastructure Key Priorities for OFA’s McCabe

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture has re-elected Don McCabe as its president for 2016. The Lambton County farmer was unopposed for the position, which he won for the second consecutive year during the OFA’s annual meeting in Toronto this week. Despite being acclaimed, there were some challenges for the returning president regarding how he and… Read more »

Ontario Federation of Agriculture Clarifies Its Position on Neonic Regulations

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) has come under fire this week for its apparent support of the Ontario government’s near-ban on neonicotinoid seed treatments for corn and soybean. Don McCabe, president of OFA, says that while the regulations are not perfect, the lobby organization is the only one “still at the table” with government,… Read more »

What does Ontario’s Commitment to Cap & Trade Mean for Agriculture?

Some call it a tax, others a subsidy, but those selling the carbon cap and trade model for Ontario call it a boon for the economy, agriculture included. Recently, Ontario’s premier, Kathleen Wynne, announced the province was committed to the establishment of a cap and trade system to “address climate change by limiting sources of… Read more »

The Challenges Ahead for the OFA — An Interview with Don McCabe

Late last month, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture elected members of its new board — including Don McCabe, who farms in Lambton county, as the new president. Shortly after the annual meeting, Real Agriculture’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, caught up with McCabe to talk about opportunities and challenges facing the Ontario farmers as we move into… Read more »

OFA AGM Attendees Talk Big Issues; Vote In New Leadership

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture held its annual general meeting in Niagara, November 24 and 25th, 2014, where delegates from across the provinces voted in a new president and vice president. Former vice president, Don McCabe, got the all-clear to move up to the role of president, preventing Mark Wales from a fourth and final term…. Read more »

Creating Biofuel with Soil Integrity in Mind — Baling Corn Stalks as a Happy Medium

Technology has brought us leaps and bounds forward in regards to renewable fuel, to the point where the focus is shifting to biomass as a fuel source instead of grain, helping to cool the food vs. fuel debate. But biomass is also critical to soil health and stability, as roots provide much-needed soil anchoring and… Read more »

A First Look at the Upcoming World Congress on Conservation Agriculture

In two months’ time, people from around the world will meet up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to share their knowledge and experiences with conservation agriculture. This is the first time the event, the sixth of its kind, has been hosted in North America. The World Congress on Conservation Agriculture will bring together researchers, industry and, most… Read more »