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Liveblog: TechTour Live in Brandon

In farming, time is often the most scarce resource. Working longer hours isn’t an option. So RealAgriculture.com, together with Dow AgroSciences, are hosting a series of one-day conferences across Western Canada focused on making the most of our time — being as efficient as possible. TechTour Live kicked off in Brandon on Monday, featuring business coach Donald Cooper (of Cooper… Read more »

Canadian Milk Brand Based on Each Producer’s Commitment to Quality — Donald Cooper

Millions of dollars can be spent on marketing, but to build a strong brand, you still need a good product. Having a high-quality product is what helped the Cooper sports equipment brand reach a 70 percent market share in hockey globally and a 30 percent market share in Major League Baseball, explains Donald Cooper, who now… Read more »

TechTour: Keynote Speakers Cooper and Parker Offer a Preview of TechTour LIVE

Communication is essential to team success, whether you’re changing tires on the sidelines of a Formula One race, managing a family-run business or harvesting this year’s crop. You’ve likely already heard that we’ll be hosting TechTour LIVE! in the new year, with our event partner, Dow AgroSciences Canada. The event was born of the TechTour series, where we… Read more »