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Beef School, Ep 3: Setting up for Corn Grazing Success

Corn is an attractive crop for cattle producers — as silage and as an extended or winter grazing option. But corn is also mighty pricey to grow, and can require new equipment to get it in the ground. Does grazing corn really pay? To find out, Shaun Haney met with Dr. Bart Lardner, with the… Read more »

Beef Research School: Managing Pasture Fertility w/ Bale Grazing, Pasture Rotation & More

Well-managed pastures can produce good yields for years, but will produce best if fertility of those pastures is planned for the long-term. Big producing pastures require big fertility numbers, though grazing helps to cycle these nutrients back to the soil. Over-grazing, too low or high stocking densities and time all can begin to mine pasture… Read more »