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TWORA — Bacon Hazards(?), Corn Harvest & More — Oct 29

So eating processed meat can cause cancer? Dr. Joe Schwarcz of McGill University, host of “The Dr. Joe Show” and author of numerous books interpreting scientific information for the general public, joins RealAg’s Kelvin Heppner on this week’s TWORA podcast to explain the World Health Organization’s report linking processed and red meats to cancer. Elsewhere, corn yields have… Read more »

Being Comfortable with Science in our Everyday Lives: Dr. Joe Schwarcz

Fear is often based in misunderstanding — no one wants to be seen a fool, or, worse yet, no one wants to make a mistake. Our information-saturated worlds have collided with a new-found interest in food and health at a time when the average consumer doesn’t have a strong understanding of science and chemistry. This… Read more »

The Seduction of Organic Production & the Mystery of Science: A CropSphere Preview

Have you met someone with a degree from the University of Google? Perhaps you’ve even boasted those credentials when arguing your case over a contentious issue about food or agriculture. But if you’re frustrated that everyone is suddenly an expert on science without actually understanding it, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Dr. Joe Schwarcz, director… Read more »