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Beef Research School: Critical Phases of Mineral Requirements for Beef Cattle

Just as energy requirements change as a cow moves through pregnancy, calving and lactation, so to do mineral requirements. The same can be said for a growing calf or yearling — the bottom line is, if you’re tweaking a ration based on growth or energy requirements, the mineral type or level may need to change… Read more »

Beef Research School: The Necessity of Mineral Feeding, Plus Tips on Achieving Ideal Consumption

Supplementing cattle rations with mineral may seem expensive at first glance, but the cost of an incomplete nutritional package can show up as quickly as one breeding season where fertility rates plummet. The cost of open heifers or cows adds up far faster than the cost of mineral. When deciding on a mineral supplement, amount,… Read more »

Beef Research School: Using a Feed Test to Maximize Profits & Avoid Pitfalls

Providing an optimal feed ration for each stage of cattle production takes planning, as forage and grain varies in quality and composition from year to year and from bin to bin. Feed testing is the integral first step to developing a balanced and complete ration. Optimal rations maximize feeding efficiency, which can help cattle producers… Read more »