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Agronomy Geeks, The Western Canadian Edition — Ep. 7: The Dreaded Fusarium

Farmers in Manitoba know the symptoms of fusarium head blight all too well — bleaching of the grain head, sometimes with a pink tinge, that results in shriveled and shrunk kernels. Sometimes called scab or tombstone, fusarium head blight not only bites into yield, it’s also a downgrading factor of grain. Grain with fusarium damaged… Read more »

Wheat School: How Do We Get Ahead of Fusarium Development?

Just when you think you’re getting somewhere on disease management, the disease population shifts just enough to stay competitive. Fusarium, with its many strains and staying power on residue, is a constant thorn in the side of many Manitoba farmers, but it’s also increasingly an issue for Alberta and Saskatchewan farmers as well. What’s more,… Read more »