Farmers on the eastern coast of Canada have barely begun to clean up from post-tropical storm Fiona, even as a new hurricane, Ian, bears down on a huge swath of Florida and eventually the Carolinas. The devastation caused by these huge storms is taking a huge toll on livestock, still-standing crops, and fruit and vegetable… Read More

Thanks for tuning into RealAg Radio. Today’s show is brought to you by Lakeland College. On today’s show we will hear from Jim Wiesemyer of Pro Farmer on a number of topics, including Canada dropping the COVID-19 restrictions, and the Biden trade policy. You’ll also hear Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. on the fall… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this midweek edition of RealAg Radio! It’s no surprise — we’ve got a jam-packed show for you today. You’ll hear: Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc., with an in-depth west and east weather forecast analysis; Antonious Petro of Regeneration Canada, with a conversation on defining regenerative agriculture; and Mark Upton… Read More

Looking back 30, 60, and even 90 days on the Ontario and Quebec moisture figures and the trend is there: it’s been dry and quite warm. The moisture situation is certainly not dire, unlike many areas of Western Canada, as there have been a few, just-in-time rain events that have kept the crop moving. Drew… Read More

With the start of summer, and hot-hot-hot temperatures across the Prairies, it’s got many asking: will we see any rain? To help us address that question is Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. Lerner says the last time we saw this dry weather bias pattern — pretty similar to the one we are seeing right… Read More

Surviving on four inches of rain and having next to nothing for soil moisture reserves can’t last more than two growing seasons. So, what can be predicted for the weather in the west this year? “We’re walking on thin ice as they say,” says Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. “There’s certainly a large part… Read More

It’s been a relatively mild, dry winter for most of southern and eastern Ontario, which has many asking if the mild weather can really last all winter and into spring. Last year’s quick thaw but persistently cool planting season did no favours for corn and bean yields in 2020. Could 2021 hold more of the… Read More

We’ve reached the middle of the first full week of the new year! Welcome to this Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio. On today’s show you’ll hear: Clyde Graham, executive vice president of Fertilizer Canada, on fertilizer’s role in the new climate plan; Jim Wiesemeyer,of Pro Farmer, on the new U.S. cabinet, USDA secretary, and other… Read More

It’s already time for the midweek edition of RealAg Radio! On today’s show you’ll hear: The top ag news stories of the day with host Shaun Haney; Tracy Fehr of CropPro Consulting, with a product spotlight, and a tool they have for plant stand establishment and zoning; Pierre Petelle of CropLife Canada, on dicamba, glyphosate,… Read More

Do you remember 1966? You can be forgiven if you don’t, but Drew Lerner, weather guru with World Weather Inc., says the first half of 2020 is shaping up to be very similar to that year. What does that mean for crop growing weather, hail, rainfall amounts, and more? Listen/watch below to this Tuesday, June… Read More

Drew Lerner, of World Weather Inc. says he thinks 2020 is going to be a better year in general for weather across the Prairies. When he looks back at the extreme weather that occurred in the west in 2019, he agree that that was one nasty weather pattern many will not forget. There are two… Read More

It’s not the forecast anyone in Ontario wants to hear. While some are still finishing up 2019 harvest — a season hampered by a cool, wet spring, a drought, then a nasty fall — weather guru Drew Lerner, of World Weather Inc, says farmers may have to be just as patient in 2020. On the… Read More

Hey, Merry Christmas Eve! Today, on RealAg Radio: The weather forecast across Canada and the Midwest, with Drew Lerner, World Weather Inc; A Christmas wish list for the cattle markets, in our Beef Market Update with Anne Wasko; and How economics could look in the new year, with J.P. Gervais, Farm Credit Canada. Have feedback… Read More

This year has been a real struggle for huge parts of the Prairies due to the extreme dry bias. July rains have saved some of the acres, and given them a fighting chance. Even though crop conditions have improved, they are by no means out of the woods yet. Recently on RealAg Radio, Megz Reynolds,… Read More

The good news? The prairies are expected to get some rain. Bad news? It’s likely to come after some high temperatures. Drew Lerner of World Weather, Inc. joined RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney for Monday’s show, where they discussed what weather patterns farmers are likely to see heading into the end of seeding, and over… Read More


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