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Hope for better harvest weather rests with El Niño

Patience is in short supply for Western Canada’s farmers slogging through a tough harvest, but those waiting for a change in weather are just going to have to wait longer, according to Drew Lerner, of World Weather Inc. “The atmosphere is very unsettled right now,” Lerner says. “There is a lot of cold air coming… Read more »

Clashing systems to dampen Ontario’s harvest weather window

Farmers in Ontario can anticipate active weather to continue well into October, says Drew Lerner, of World Weather Inc. While eastern Ontario is still cleaning up from last week’s F3 and F2 tornadoes, parts of southern Ontario are experiencing nearly nightly weather alerts. Is this what we’re in for for harvest? Lerner says that cool… Read more »

Cool in the east, dry in the west & similarities to 1936: Drew Lerner’s summer outlook

A transition between weather patterns over the next three weeks will go a long way in determining the kind of weather we can expect for the rest of summer, while potentially offering some short-term relief in dry areas, according to Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. Lerner joined RealAg Radio on Wednesday to discuss his… Read more »

Drew Lerner’s summer forecast for Canada and the midwest United States

The weather feels like it has been the story of 2017 across North America. Many areas have felt the extremes of mother nature this growing season — too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, too windy, depending on where you are. There was significant rain in Ontario last week, parts of the Great Plains… Read more »

Drew Lerner Offers a Hopeful Forecast for Spring on the Prairies

With unharvested crop still in the field and saturated soils in many areas, some helpful weather could be on the way for Western Canada this spring, says Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. “The spring bias is tilted toward a little less precipitation and a slight warmer bias,” he says in the video below, filmed after… Read more »

What’s in Store for Ontario’s Spring Weather: Drew Lerner

With the calendar flipping to 2017, Ontario growers begin to pay a little closer attention to the spring weather forecasts. There is still time but January is the time when the spring itch can start. In 2016, growers were reminded that average rainfall is not as important as timely rain as growers pushed yields above… Read more »

Western Canadian Farmers Keep Fingers Crossed on Open Spring — Drew Lerner

The 2016 harvest seems difficult to forget but it’s time to forget and focus on the spring that lies ahead. It’s bitterly cold across the west this week so it’s hard to think about spring weather, but for anyone that has crop left out in the field you are definitely hoping for an open, dry… Read more »

Cool Tendencies to Continue Through Planting — Drew Lerner’s Eastern Outlook

The cool, wet spring weather in Ontario will likely continue through the planting season, although conditions will be more moderate, says Drew Lerner, ag meteorologist with World Weather Inc. “We’re going to be a little slow getting moving because there is going to be an ongoing tendency for cooler-biased conditions to prevail,” he says. “It’s not… Read more »

Moisture Extremes to Persist on the Prairies — Drew Lerner’s Western Spring Outlook

Soils in much of Alberta and parts of western Saskatchewan are very dry and needing rain as early seeding activity is getting underway. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be widespread relief on the way in the next few weeks. “We are going to be looking for a balance across the majority of the prairies, and I don’t… Read more »

TWORA — Spring Weather Forecast, Planting Intentions & a Tory Victory — April 21

Dryness is becoming a serious concern on the western side of the Prairies, as seeding is getting underway. Meanwhile, cold and wet conditions have hampered progress in Ontario. Meteorologist Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc is one of the people we hear from on this week’s podcast. Also, Ontario farmers have lost their court case… Read more »

Mixed Summer Forecast for Prairies, as High Pressure Ridge Expected to Stay Over Western Saskatchewan

A high pressure ridge centred over western Saskatchewan and eastern Alberta will likely have a major influence on weather during the upcoming growing season in Western Canada, says the senior meteorologist with World Weather Inc. The impact from this wide ridge of high pressure will vary, depending whether you’re in front, underneath or behind it, explains Drew Lerner… Read more »

Never Mind What the Groundhogs Say — Drew Lerner’s Prairie Weather Forecast

While the Groundhog Day forecasters across Canada are sending mixed messages about what kind of weather to anticipate for the next six weeks, the senior meteorologist with World Weather Inc. says farmers in Western Canada should expect more of what they’ve been getting. For the eastern side of the prairies, that means surges of cold… Read more »

The End of the Growing Season? Drew Lerner’s Frost Forecast

Following the snow in parts of Alberta on Monday, weather models are indicating the 2014 growing season will likely come to an end across much of Western Canada this week. It’s not what any farmers want to hear, but the first widespread killing frost is expected to arrive over the next few nights, says Drew Lerner,… Read more »

This Week on RealAg — The January 17th Edition

I feel like I probably could have written a daily update of all that went on this week, as each day had the RealAgriculture team busy. If you attended CropSphere or any of the Crop Production Week festivities in Saskatoon, perhaps we even crossed paths. The week kicked off with a bang (and more than… Read more »

Spring Moisture May be in Short Supply: Drew Lerner’s Spring Forecast for #Westcdnag

We may not be able to change the weather, but we sure can have a super time anticipating what may — or may not — happen as we head towards the seeding season. Always a popular speaker, Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc., spoke to a packed house at CropSphere 2014, outlining current snow pack,… Read more »