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Creating Custom Herbicide Blends with DuPont’s PrecisionPac 3.0

If you’ve wished for custom blended herbicide types or specific volumes of a tank-mix, DuPont’s latest PrecisionPac offering may be of interest. DuPont Crop Protection recently rolled out its PrecisionPac 3.0 herbicide blending concept, a specially-designed delivery system that dispenses customized herbicide blends. “Most crop protection products are sold in packaged 40-acre increments, leaving leftover… Read more »

DuPont Rolls Out Express FX for Pre-Seed Burndown With Built-In Resistance Management

DuPont Crop Protection has announced the registration of new DuPont Express FX herbicide for pre-seed weed control before planting spring wheat, durum or barley. Express FX delivers two modes of action, Group 2 and Group 4, as an add-in to glyphosate. Tank-mixed with Group 9 glyphosate, that makes three modes of action for “an additional… Read more »

Bayer CropScience to Purchase Land Management Products from DuPont Crop Protection

Bayer CropScience (Bayer) and DuPont Crop Protection (DuPont) have signed of an agreement for Bayer to purchase certain DuPont Crop Protection land management assets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Through the acquisition, Bayer gains access to DuPont’s forestry, range and pasture products and expands its environmental science business unit to… Read more »