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Egg Farmers Announce Canada-Wide Move Away from Conventional Housing

Egg Farmers of Canada has rolled out a plan to transition the entire Canadian egg industry away from traditional caged housing. “In response to the best available scientific research and in light of changing consumer preferences, I’m pleased that the entire industry has agreed to an orderly transition plan that will further diversify our production practices,” said… Read more »

A Bright Start to a Winter Morning — Egg Farmers Get Creative in Marketing Eggs

Egg Farmers of Canada took a creative approach on Tuesday morning to raise awareness about egg nutrition and production while giving people in Canada’s largest cities a bright start to a mid-winter day. Egg farmers and EFC staff handed out thousands of free egg breakfast sandwiches and potted yellow daffodils after setting up “pop-up gardens”… Read more »

Egg Farmers of Canada Teams up with Heart For Africa to Provide Much-Need Daily Protein

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday, it can be easy to forget about the abundance that surrounds us. Abundant and nutritious foods, good schools, bright futures for us and our kids — all of it — are things we enjoy, but sometimes take for granted in North America. Would you leave it all… Read more »

Egg Farmers Fund Supply Management Research Chair

Egg Farmers of Canada has announced a partnership with the University of Waterloo to establish a research chair in public policy. Bruce Muirhead, the university’s associate vice president, external research and professor in the school’s history department, will fill the position, for which Egg Farmers is providing $110,000 per year for up to seven years…. Read more »