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European Commission gives glyphosate a new 5-year licence

The European Commission has granted a new five-year licence for glyphosate, with Germany breaking a stalemate that would have seen the herbicide de-authorized in less than three weeks. After falling short of the qualified majority needed for glyphosate’s renewal earlier this fall, an appeals committee approved a five-year licence on Monday, with 18 countries voting… Read more »

European Parliament passes non-binding motion to ban glyphosate by 2022

Glyphosate continues to face an uncertain future in the European Union, potentially impacting North American grain exports to the EU. The European Parliament voted in favour of banning glyphosate by 2022 on Tuesday, a day before a European Commission committee was set to vote on a proposal to re-authorize the world’s most commonly used herbicide… Read more »

Uncertainty Surrounding EU Glyphosate Decision on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Update — June 6, 2016 — After failing twice to approve a new license for glyphosate, EU member states did not support a limited 12-18 month extension of the herbicide’s current license on Monday. The inability of European Union member countries to come to an agreement over glyphosate could have implications for agriculture on this… Read more »