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In the Eye of the Storm — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains started the month of March fairly hot, trying to rebound from its end of February, with more liquidity being added to the market and more bulls coming to the table on weather concerns. Nonetheless, given the size of the short position that managed money is holding on the futures board, there are some fundamentals… Read more »

Sask. Farmer Brings Canadian Perspective to UN Biotech Conference

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization hosted an international symposium in Rome last month on The Role of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition. The FAO’s goal for the event was to debate and exchange ideas on how biotech can benefit smallholder farmers — both in sustainability and nutrition — in the… Read more »

Expanding Diversity in Agriculture — Pass the Chocolate Covered Crickets

In case you haven’t heard, the 2013 winners of the Hult Prize (a $1M prize to help entrepreneurs start a proposed business) is a group of students from McGill, who have addressed this year’s theme, “The Global Food Crisis,” with, you guessed it, crickets! Aspire Food Group aims to grow, prepare and sell edible insects. Currently, their… Read more »