Wheat markets tend to err on the side of boring, as its one crop that is grown in essentially every region of the world. That said, ignoring what’s ahead for the market could leave real dollars on the table if growers aren’t paying attention to market moves. Neil Townsend, of FarmLink Marketing Solutions and GrainFox,… Read More

There are convincing arguments to be made on grain markets moving to the up and to the down side. Right now, the bulls seem to have a slight edge, but all that could change quickly, says  Neil Townsend of FarmLink Marketing Solutions and Grainfox. A general lack of big news has kept markets in a… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio. Host Shaun Haney is joined by Neil Townsend of FarmLink Marketing Solutions on the markets, and Esther Salvano, Director General of Grain Research Laboratory at the Canadian Grain Commission, on the new science strategy. Don’t miss the top ag news stories! Thoughts on something… Read More

As much as the 2023 growing season and following marketing year are highly unlikely to be as wild as 2022, there’s still plenty of unknowns and volatility ahead. Neil Townsend, analyst with FarmLink Marketing Solutions, says there were definitely head-scratchers in the 2022 season — like when wheat prices shot up, then dropped, then settled… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio, with host Shaun Haney. You’ll hear: Neil Townsend of Farmlink Marketing Solutions, on the commodity markets and a look at 2023; Anne Wasko of the Gateway Livestock Exchange, with a Beef Market Update; and, Pierre Petelle of CropLife Canada, on the impacts of the… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to RealAg Radio. Guest host Kelvin Heppner is joined by Neil Townsend, of FarmLink Marketing Solutions and GrainFox, on these super-strong grain markets, and Greg Northey, with the Ag Transport Coalition, on the latest federal supply chain report. As well, don’t miss the product spotlight interview with Sandy Hart for Sevita… Read More

The cure for high prices is high prices, but the world has to eat. Depending on which adage you subscribe to right now, the global grain markets are either bucking the trend or proving the point. Neil Townsend, senior market analyst with FarmLink Marketing Solutions and GrainFox, agrees that the current commodity price strength is… Read More

Could volatile be the new normal when it comes to commodity markets? With volatility being the only constant over the past while, it is certainly something that farmers and marketers are getting used to as they continue to try and navigate their way through fluctuating prices and variables that seem to be ever increasing. With… Read More

Thanks for tuning into RealAg Radio! Today’s show is brought to you by FP Genetics. You’ll hear from: Neil Townsend of FarmLink Marketing Solutions, on what the market is currently telling him, and his thoughts on the current geopolitical landscape; Nathan Penner of FP Genetics, on their hybrid fall rye; Lyndsey Smith of RealAgriculture, on… Read More

Although we’ve experienced dips in market pricing, there are good reasons to be cautiously optimistic about where commodity prices are for now, unless we see some significant changes in the local and global landscape. There are many factors that are currently affecting commodity markets. First and foremost is the ever-unfolding situation between Russia and Ukraine…. Read More

We’re tackling some big-picture items today in this episode of RealAg Radio. It’s a good one you won’t want to miss… You’ll hear: Neil Townsend of FarmLink Marketing Solutions, on geopolitical tensions in Russia and Ukraine impacting wheat and soybean markets; Andy Jung of Mosaic Company, on the impacts of these tensions from the fertilizer… Read More

If you’ve been following the markets lately, you’ll have noticed moves in the wheat markets in the past couple of days, driven by geopolitics. But what’s going on with soybeans? Neil Townsend, chief market analyst with FarmLink marketing solutions, joins RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney to discuss the impacts as Russia starts to make moves into… Read More

It doesn’t matter what the prices are if you have no crop to sell. That’s a hard truth that Neil Townsend of FarmLink Marketing Solutions shares in this week’s Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio on Rural Radio 147 Sirius XM. There’s going to be low numbers on canola, wheat, barley — you name it, he… Read More

Canola, wheat, pulse crops, barley, and more acreage numbers were released in Statistics Canada’s report today. The numbers are what they are, and hopefully Statistics Canada was able to complete surveys that gave fairly accurate ones. To break it down for us, Neil Townsend, senior market analyst at FarmLink Marketing Solutions, joins Shaun Haney for… Read More

If there was one piece of information you would have wanted in January of 2020, it might have been about COVID-19 transmission. But as of January 2021, the nugget of info that may mean the most for markets this year is if Chinese buying keeps pace or exceeds last year. There’s more at play in… Read More


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