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Agritechnica 2015: Fliegl’s Power Feeders Offer All-in-One Option to Livestock Producers

A large silver tub hangs in place of a front-end loader, accentuated by its own strikingly red grapple. “It’s an all-in-one machine,” Fliegl’s Christoph Hierl explains in the video below. “So with one tractor, you have the possibility to load…the bale, to cut the bale, to mix it, and to feed.” Don’t Miss Our Next TechTour… Read more »

Agritechnica 2015: Pruning Trees from the Tractor Seat, Courtesy of Fliegl

It may have been the scariest machine at Agritechnica, but Fliegl’s three-blade pruning machine offers a level of comfort far above that of our pruning sheers. That’s because the implement attaches to the loader arm of a tractor, eliminating the need to dodge falling branches, spiders and wasp nests. Don’t Miss Our Next TechTour LIVE… Read more »