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G3 makes CEO change

G3 Canada has a new CEO. Karl Gerrand left the company on Tuesday, after leading the G3 through its transition from the former Canadian Wheat Board to a grain company with bricks-and-mortar grain handling and export infrastructure. “Karl and the board decided a change in leadership is appropriate at this time, as G3 continues to… Read more »

G3 announces two new elevators, including first in Alberta

G3 Canada has confirmed plans to build two new elevators, including the company’s first grain terminal in Alberta. Construction is expected to begin next month on 42,000 tonne facilities south of Wetaskiwin in central Alberta, and near Maidstone, Saskatchewan. “We’re excited to be able to show farmers in the Wetaskiwin and Maidstone areas what G3… Read more »

G3 Plans Two New Elevators in Saskatchewan

G3 Canada continues to expand its presence on the prairies, announcing plans for two new primary elevators in Saskatchewan on Tuesday. The company that evolved out of the privatized Canadian Wheat Board says it will build a 34,000 tonne facility 5 km north of Melville on Highway 10 and a 42,000 tonne elevator 7 km… Read more »

G3 Unveils Plan for Vancouver Port Terminal

G3 — the grain company that acquired the former Canadian Wheat Board — has unveiled plans to build the first fully new grain terminal at the Port of Vancouver since the 1960s. Located in North Vancouver, the 180,000-tonne facility will feature a rail loop track that will be capable of holding three 134-car trains (see drawing… Read more »

G3 Officially Opens Two More Elevators

The company formed by Bunge and a Saudi investment fund to purchase the former Canadian Wheat Board has completed construction of another two grain elevators started by the CWB. G3 Canada held a grand opening for its elevator at Pasqua, Saskatchewan and also announced the opening of its terminal at Glenlea, Manitoba on Thursday. “This… Read more »

China’s Economic Woes Leave Commodities Looking for a New Demand Catalyst

For the better part of the last two decades, commodity markets have become accustomed to demand growth from China supporting prices. Whether it was iron ore from Australia or soybeans from the U.S., sales to China grew year-over-year. However, it’s becoming increasingly likely that those days are over. Headlines over the last few week to show the… Read more »

G3 Canada Building Port Terminal at Hamilton to Source Ontario Grain

G3 Canada — the grain company formed with Bunge and SALIC’s acquisition of the former Canadian Wheat Board — is building a new grain terminal in Hamilton to source grains and oilseeds from Ontario. “Grain exports from southern Ontario have been increasing for some time now. We look forward to expanding our relationship with farmers in… Read more »

Wheat School: Figuring Out the Market for Protein

Protein premiums or discounts can be a major factor in marketing wheat. In some years there’s plenty of high protein wheat (as looks to be the case for 2015-16) and in other years millers are left scrounging for wheat with high enough protein. We asked earlier this week whether yield or protein is a higher priority… Read more »

Wheat School: Setting the Stage for Marketing the 2015 Wheat Crop

As harvest rolls on where weather allows, traders are getting a better handle on the yield and quality profile of this year’s wheat crop. In this Wheat School episode, Bruce Burnett, weather and crop analyst with CWB (soon to be G3 Canada) Market Research, walks us through the supply/demand fundamentals as the new crop hits… Read more »

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Is Dropping the CWB Brand the Right Move?

It wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted to really heat up a room full of western Canadian farmers, you’d simply have to mention the Canadian Wheat Board. Shortly thereafter, the battle lines would be drawn between those who fully supported the board’s government-mandated monopoly and those who wanted it abolished. Then came… Read more »