During the height of Western Canada’s growing season, a steady hum of farm machinery fills the air as growers operate round-the-clock. In fact, it’s common for farmers across the Prairies to regularly work over 60 hours a week through the growing season.  It is this enduring work ethic and commitment that has made ‘farmer’ synonymous… Read More

Sustainability has been a hot topic in agriculture for years, but at GFL Ag, we see beyond that. Growers are not only trying to sustain the farming activities on their farms, but to improve the land and resources available to ensure the farm’s longevity. New and innovative agricultural practices and products are needed to pave… Read More

Sulphur is an essential nutrient that agricultural crops require for healthy growth and development. Typically, growers apply elemental sulphur in the fall to allow more time to oxidize. However, unlike traditional methods, Bio-Sul Premium Plus has flexible timing, which means you decide when it’s right for your farm. Learn about the benefits and differences between… Read More

Sometimes a decision to save time doesn’t have to cost more. When planning your farm’s crop nutrition plan, choosing Bio-Sul Premium Plus will help your crops benefit from season-long nutrition and increase the necessary nutrients that will boost your crop’s yield potential. Bio-Sul is a mix of Class 1 compost and elemental sulphur. The elemental… Read More

With new money flowing to GFL Environmental, Bio-Cycle Solutions is taking on a new name — GFL Ag — to more accurately reflect its purpose of supplying farmers with crop nutrient products. GFL Ag will continue to turn leftover food into fertilizer products for farmers, the company says, bringing organic materials full circle so they… Read More


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