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Grains Innovation Fund open for applications

Got a great grain idea? Grain Farmers of Ontario is now accepting applications for the 2019 Grains Innovation Fund. The fund supports the development of new and expanded products and processes using Ontario grain crops or crop residues. Originally launched in 2010, the fund has supported 40 projects to date with over $1 million in funding, says Grain… Read more »

Neonic Battle Returns to Court March 9

Grain Farmers of Ontario is heading back to court to fight another round in its court battle to contest the province’s new seed treatment regulations. GFO will be in court on March 9th. “We are pleased that the Ontario Court of Appeal has agreed to hear our case and to move quickly on the issue,” GFO… Read more »

More Malt Barley in Ontario? GFO Getting Into Barley and Oat Issues

Malt barley has traditionally not accounted for many acres in Ontario, but with the growing popularity of craft and local beer, would there be demand for more malt production? That’s one of the issues Grain Farmers of Ontario plans to explore as it welcomes barley and oat growers into its fold, joining corn, soybeans and… Read more »

Grain Farmers of Ontario Asks Provincial Superior Court to Review Neonic Regs

Grain Farmers of Ontario today announced it has commenced legal proceedings against the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. “Late last week, Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) filed a request to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to provide an interpretation of the neonicotinoid treated seed regulations,” says Mark Brock, chair of Grain Farmers… Read more »

Ontario Farmers Rally at MPP Offices, Protest Handling of Neonic Regulation Process

Farmers from across southern Ontario rallied at two MPP offices today, May 29, to demonstrate their frustration over the Ontario government’s handling of impending regulations regarding the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed. Grain Farmers of Ontario put the call out earlier this week for farmers to show up between 10 am and… Read more »

Ministry of Environment has Agriculture in the Crosshairs, Says Grain Farmers of Ontario

The Grain Farmers of Ontario are speaking up about concerns they have regarding the reach of Ontario’s ministry of environment. It’s no secret that GFO disagrees with the province’s proposed regulations regarding the use of neonicotinoid corn and soybean seed treatments — regulations the producer group says equate to a de facto ban on the… Read more »

Niche-Market Grains Take Top 3 Spots of “Most Profitable Acre” Challenge

Kurtis Peeters, an organic corn grower from Kawartha Lakes has been named as the winner of the “Most Profitable Acre Challenge,” a competition put on by the Agri-food Management Institute and presented in partnership with Grain Farmers of Ontario. The business skills competition looks at input costs, production practices, yield, marketing tactics, and business management… Read more »

Help Wanted: An Ag Minister That Actually Works With and For Farmers

It would seem the more work and effort Ontario farmers put in to reducing neonicotinoid use and improving bee health, the less the provincial government and farmers’ own ministry wants to do with them. The Grain Farmers of Ontario recently released its pollinator health blueprint. It’s a practical, well thought-out and realistic plan, with set… Read more »

Moving the yardsticks: The million-acre pollinator maneouver

A proposal for a one-million-acre set-aside for pollinators in Ontario by 2018 sounds like something a government or activists would propose, and farmers would lose their minds over. What? A million acres in a province losing 350 acres of prime farmland a day to development? But now, this set-aside program, the gemstone in the new… Read more »

OMAFRA to meet with Grain Farmers of Ontario On Heels of Pollinator Health Blueprint Release

Jeff Leal, Ontario’s minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs, will meet with the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) on March 26th, 2015. The minister’s office says this is to meet with new GFO chair Mark Brock. This meeting follows shortly after the release of the producer group’s Pollinator Health Blueprint. The GFO’s blueprint is… Read more »

Ontario Oat & Barley Growers Vote to Join GFO

Barley and oat farmers in Ontario have voted in favour of being represented by Grain Farmers of Ontario. “We are pleased to announce that barley and oat production in Ontario is anticipated to be represented by Grain Farmers of Ontario by July 1, 2015,” says Barry Senft, CEO of Grain Farmers of Ontario. The Ontario… Read more »

Ontario Agriculture Industry Vows to Create its Own Pollinator Health Initiative

A few weeks ago, the Grain Farmers of Ontario encouraged farmers to boycott the Ontario government’s public consultation process concerning new regulations governing access and use of neonicotinoid seed treatments on corn and soybean seed. At the time, GFO stated that there was little to be gained at the public meeting, and that GFO and… Read more »

OMAFRA & MOECC Announce Plan to Reduce Neonic Usage by 80% by 2017

The Ministries of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Environment and Climate Change announced today plans aimed at reducing by 80% the number of acres planted to corn and soybeans using neonicotinoid-treated seed by 2017, a level of reduction that equates to a de-facto ban, according to farm groups. The province says it will consult… Read more »

Ontario’s Oat and Barley Growers Can Soon Vote on Joining GFO

The Oat and Barley Representation Committee is making farmers aware that the Farm Products Marketing Commission will be conducting a producer expression of opinion vote among Ontario oat and barley farmers. The purpose of the vote is to determine whether farmers who grow oats and barley in Ontario wish to be represented by Grain Farmers… Read more »

On the Election Trail: Grain Farmers of Ontario Seek to ‘Raise The Cap’

The need to help farmers manage the increasing risks associated with farming is a key election issue for the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO). In this Ontario Election 2014 podcast, RealAgriculture.com’s Bernard Tobin speaks with Henry Van Ankum, chair of the Grain Farmers of Ontario, about the organization’s ‘Recommendations for Smart Growth’ election platform it… Read more »