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Fill the heads, protect the quality — the two-pass fungicide plan

Crop input decisions would be made so much easier if only one year’s weather would predict the next. But we know that one dry year doesn’t make a trend, so while 2018 is looking dry in Western Canada will it stay dry for the growing season? Will crop disease be less of a threat because… Read more »

Fungicide ROI: Correct Disease ID, Staying on Target & Water Volume’s Impact

If conditions are conducive to disease development, pulling the trigger on a fungicide application is easy. But if it’s dry, or the crop isn’t looking like a bin-buster, how do you make sure that fungicide application is really worth it? The first step, as explained by Glen Forster, with BASF, in the video below, is… Read more »

Soybean School West: Will a Fungicide Application Pay on Soybeans?

Soybeans are a new crop for many farmers in Western Canada, but there are some acres that have been in soybean rotation for over a decade or more. While soybeans may be a newer crop, they are susceptible to some common diseases on the prairies. With disease pressure comes the need to evaluate fungicide options,… Read more »

Tight Margins Ahead: Do you Pencil in a Fungicide or Not?

Plant disease is a somewhat different beast than other crop pests, in that your best offense is a solid defense. It’s rare that any fungicide available to you has any curative effect — the best you can do is slow down development of a disease, once established. Under the heading of ‘better to have it… Read more »

BASF Launches Viper ADV with Built In Resistance Management

Western Canadian farmers growing field pea and dry beans have a new option for control of broadleaf and grassy weeds in Viper ADV. A liquid product with two modes of action, Viper ADV can help farmers with their fungicide resistance management plan without severely restricting re-cropping options. Lyndsey Smith spoke with Glen Forster, technical development… Read more »

Continued Product Development in Fungicides to Combat Fusarium

Fusarium continues to be a major concern for farmers as harvest begins in the US and parts of Ontario.  Many farmers routinely apply a fungicide to their cereal crops to try and minimize the impact of fusarium.  Its getting closer to the fungicide window for Western Canadian farmers and they need to really be considering… Read more »