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Rural transportation infrastructure — It’s about being efficient and reliable, says Garneau

Canada is 9.985 million km² producing a wealth of farm commodities and natural resources. This has been a week dominated by the discussion on the movement of oil, but what about other commodities that cannot flow through a pipe? Wheat, canola, pulses, and soybeans require rail to get from the Prairies to port to be… Read more »

Federal Budget Taps Agriculture to Drive Canada’s Economy

The federal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, revealed its latest budget, and agriculture and agri-food figures prominently in the 2017-18 fiscal plan. From new export targets and spending programs designed to “uncap the potential of the agriculture industry,” this budget commits $8.2 billion under the Skills and Innovation Plan with a goal of… Read more »

Cheese Imports to Double, Beef & Pork to Move to EU if Trade Deal is Finalized

The National Post is reporting that the comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA) negotiations with the European Union have moved forward following Canada’s commitment to double cheese imports to 30,000 tonnes per year in exchange for added access to Europe’s beef and pork markets. The deal is not done of course, but, if the quoted… Read more »