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Farmers Love and Rely on Mobile Phones, Even More Than the General Public

Mobile phones have become an essential piece of equipment on most North American farms. A study just completed by Ipsos underlines what we’ve seen here at Real Agriculture — how farmers have fallen in love with and come to rely on their smartphones, even more than the general public. The research firm found over 80… Read more »

Grower Perception “Moving the Needle” on Herbicide Resistance Awareness

Editor’s note: This is Owen Roberts’ Real Talk, Real Action column. Each week, Owen will offer his insight into how farmers and the agricultural industry can participate in the rural- and ag-related discussions going on around them. Contact Owen at [email protected] or on Twitter at @TheUrbanCowboy. What’s spreading faster in Canada — herbicide-resistant weeds, or growers… Read more »

How Concerned Are You About Herbicide Resistance?

There is a growing concern from farmers and the industry to herbicide resistance.  Whether its giant ragweed or kochia, hebicide resistance is a challenge for farmers.    Currently, there is 8 different herbicide groups with confirmed resistance. According to Michael Schaad, Eastern Business Manager, BASF Canada, Glyphosate resistance was first found in the mid 90’s… Read more »