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Farmers Are Shopping More Online For Equipment – Scott Derksen, IronSearch.com

There was a time when people laughed and suggested that farmers were different. That they would never use the internet and the thought of a farmer shopping online was ridiculous. Thank goodness this has not been the case and those negative nillies are proved increasingly wrong everyday. I spoke to Scott Derksen, CIO at Iron… Read more »

IRONSearch.com Launches a New Version of its Website – Scott Derksen

This week Iron Solutions launched a new version of its machinery sales site, IRONSearch.com. ¬†With some great new added personalization features, improved keyword search, and cool tools like changing your searches with visual sliders, the new IRONSearch.com will really impress new and veteran users of the site. Shaun Haney spoke to Iron Solutions, Chief Information… Read more »