Thanks for tuning into this Tuesdays with Lyndsey edition of RealAg Radio. Host Lyndsey Smith is joined by: Aaron Sumrall with the Pig Brig on getting a handle of the wild pig population; Brian Innes with Soy Canada on soybean quality program cut; Hear a clip from The Agronomists with Yvonne Lawley and RealAgriculture’s Peter… Read More

Welcome to our Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio. Let’s get right into it shall we? On today’s show you’ll hear: Top ag news stories of the day with your host, Shaun Haney; Jamie Puchinger, assistant manager at Farming Smarter in southern Alberta; Dr. Sara Place of Elanco Animal Health, on an interesting talk she gave… Read More

This year, Farming Smarter brought some very powerful keynote speakers to Medicine Hat for the 2014 Farming Smarter Conference. Speakers included Michael Shermer, the founding publisher of Skeptic magazine and the executive director of the Skeptics Society; William W. Wilson, a professor at North Dakota State University; Trish Sahlstrom, vice president of purchasing and distribution at… Read More


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