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Farmer Videos Capture 2015 Growing Season

The 2015 growing season is not only in the books, it’s also up on YouTube. Thanks to UAVs, GoPro cameras and simple film-editing software, it’s become easier to capture breathtaking visuals from each growing season. So whether you’re dreaming of getting back into the field as the snow starts to fly, curious what kind of airseeder… Read more »

Beyond the Bushel — Ep.2: Why Farmers Choose Wheat

Wheat may not be the high and mighty king of the prairies it once was, but it’s still a valuable, consistent crop for the majority of farmers’ rotations. And for good reason — this cool season crop is well adapted to a wide swath of growing conditions, performs well and competes on a global scale… Read more »

A Growing Season in 11 Minutes: The Schultz’ Family Farm’s 2014 Growing Season

What do you get when you combine footage from a GoPro, UAV, time-lapse camera, smartphone, with film editing software and a fantastic soundtrack? You get the video below — an entire growing season, from seed treating, to growth stages, to harvest — in about 11 minutes. Alberta farmer Jay Schultz (@WheatlanderJay) and his family have… Read more »

Would You Straight Cut or Swath this Pancaked Wheat Field?

With last week’s snowstorm that covered a great area of Alberta, farmers are beginning to try and form their harvest strategy for some of the pancaked fields. RealAgriculture reader Jay Schultz asked his twitter followers what he should do. What do you think? Let us know in the poll below. #westcndag twitter pole. Retweet for… Read more »

Talking to Farmers: Drones, Tracks and Heavy Duty Decisions

Well, it seems the RealAgriculture crew always arrives to Canada’s Farm Progress Show armed and ready to talk to farmers. This usually means a sly call for a massive “tweetup” and subsequent trapping of unsuspecting victims, but it seems people caught wind of our plan this year, and for every interview shown above, there are… Read more »