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Soil awareness, new genetic resistance, and why canola is a cool crop, literally — Canola Week wrap-up

Around 375 agronomists, researchers and farmers were in Saskatoon this week for the inaugural “Canola Week.” Organized by the Canola Council of Canada and AgWest Bio, the conference combined the annual Canola Industry Meeting, Canola Innovation Day and the Canola Discovery Forum, with several dozen experts sharing their latest findings in canola agronomy, disease resistance,… Read more »

Jack in the Box Knows a Good Canola Oil When They See It

When that canola leaves your farm sometimes you don’t really think about its ultimate destination. Last spring, Jack in the Box invited some Cargill specialty oil growers to visit their head office in San Diego during the Canola Council Convention. Jay Whetter, Canola Digest editor, was able to tag along and write about the experience involving… Read more »

Canola Plant Stand Recommendations Challenged

As canola seed prices have risen, farmers across the prairies have cut back on the amount of seed they’re putting in the ground. The Canola Council of Canada still recommends aiming for 7 to 10 plants per square foot with uniform emergence and spacing, but many farms have been targeting lower plant stands — in the… Read more »

From Oh Canada to the Power of Storytelling — Wrapping Up Farmtech ’16

It was another busy (and fun) few days for the RealAgriculture crew covering Farmtech last week. We had our very own studio, set up on the tradeshow floor — right next to the beer and coffee. We spent the week racing from the studio to the hall where keynote speakers made us laugh (and cry), to… Read more »

Canola School Audio: New Canola Watch Feature Gets Growers Guessing

Just when you thought Canola School and Canola Watch couldn’t get any better, we go and combine the best of both worlds in this audio version of the Canola School! That’s right, in this episode of Canola School, Real Agriculture editor Lyndsey Smith is joined by Canola Watch editor, Jay Whetter, to talk about at… Read more »

Agronomy Geeks, The Western Canadian Edition — Ep. 2: Crop Diagnostics & Straight-Cutting Canola

What’s your process for tracking what you do in each field? Most farmers have some combination of pen and paper, app, Excel documents and more for recording the activities carried out in each field. But what process do you have in place for diagnostics? For tracking what you’ve noticed, the possible causes, the decided-upon cause… Read more »

Why Canada’s Power has Shifted West: An Interview with John Ibbitson

Canada is no longer an Atlantic nation, it is a Pacific nation, and we’re all better off if we keep that in mind when it comes to trade, policy and politics. That’s according to John Ibbitson, Globe & Mail Ottawa bureau chief, and guest speaker at last week’s Canola Council of Canada convention held at… Read more »