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Wheat School: Talk to Your Buyer Before Using Chlormequat

Before applying a plant growth regulator containing chlormequat to wheat, make sure you’ve confirmed you have a buyer willing to purchase it, because most of the major grain companies say they won’t. Potentially a valuable tool in reducing lodging, many growers are interested in applying Manipulator, a PGR introduced in Canada by Engage Agro in… Read more »

The Role of Soil-Applied Herbicides in Combating Resistance

This year, the organizers of the¬†Crop Diagnostic School in Carman, Manitoba, decided to do something a little old-school. “We decided to demo soil-applied herbicides here at the farm this year for the Diagnostic School, in part because we’re seeing an increased use in the products,”¬†Jeanette Gaultier explains in the following interview. Gaultier (who may or… Read more »