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Beyond A Horizon: Accounting for Variability in Soil Sampling

The first thing Jeff Schoenau likes to do when assessing soil is dig. Schoenau is Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Chair and professor at the University of Saskatchewan and he believes digging a soil pit can give a good indication of the vertical distribution of nutrients in a given area. But, as tiring as digging a… Read more »

Canola School: Scouting Hidden Hunger Nutrient Deficiencies

A soil test can give a good indication of nutrient inputs necessary for a healthy crop, (provided the sample is representative — more on this later). But besides something to consider in the spring, a soil sample may also be a tool for in-season plant health diagnostics. In these circumstances, the role of a test is perhaps most appreciated… Read more »

Beef Research School: Make the Most of Manure Applications

There are two things you’re always going to have with livestock — deadstock and manure. Both byproducts, if you will,  present their own type of challenges. And then there are rules and regulations to contend with. Unlike some other byproducts of beef production, however, manure is a truly valuable resource if handled, stored and used… Read more »