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GMOs — They Have, Like, A Negative “Vibration”: Jimmy Kimmel Asks Consumers What GMOs Are

What’s a GMO? What do the letters GMO stand for? Do you try to avoid GMOs? Genetically modified organisms received some mainstream attention this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The late night comedian sent a reporter to a farmers’ market to find out how much people actually know about biotechnology and food. We don’t know the complete… Read more »

People who Choose Gluten-Free Have no Idea What Gluten Is, Apparently

Jimmy Kimmel, late night talk show host for ABC, took to the streets recently in its Pedestrian Question segment to gain insight into the hard-hitting issues affecting Americans. In this video, Jimmy takes to the streets to talk to people that choose a gluten-free diet and asks them the simple question, “What is Gluten?” Hilarity… Read more »