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Working group formed to explore Cigi-Cereals Canada “integration”

The boards of directors for Cereals Canada and the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) have agreed to explore a possible “integration” of the two grain industry organizations. A working group, made up of directors from both boards, has been formed to examine how the two entities could work more closely together. The mandate of this… Read more »

Conversations taking place on potential Cigi and Cereals Canada amalgamation

The end of the Canadian Wheat Board as a single desk marketer of Canadian wheat and barley five years ago triggered a number of major changes in Canada’s cereal crop industry. Most of the dust stirred up by dismantling the CWB has settled, but there’s potential for more change. Recognizing gaps left by the end… Read more »

Cigi moves to new funding model and board, signalling end of post-CWB transition

The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) has announced its new board of directors as it adopts a new funding model and board structure with the end of the temporary check-off that followed the end of the Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk in 2012. The three prairie province wheat commissions — the Alberta Wheat Commission, the… Read more »

Beyond the Bushel — Ep.3: Leveraging Opportunity from the Complexity of Canada’s Wheat Markets

In the Canadian context, when someone says wheat, we think bread or pasta and maybe crackers and cookies. But for huge portions of the world’s population, wheat means noodles, steam buns and dumplings. While all these products do come from the same crop, it’s possible that each product requires a specific class of wheat, with… Read more »

Cigi Receives $15M from Federal Government

Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz was in Winnipeg this morning to announce $15 million in funding for the Canadian International Grains Institute (or Cigi.) “The Government of Canada has been a long time funding partner of the Canadian International Grains Institute. We welcome today’s significant investment which demonstrates a continuing commitment to the work that… Read more »

JoAnne Buth Named as New CIGI CEO

JoAnne Buth has been named as the new CEO of Cigi (the Canadian International Grains Institute). She takes over from Earl Geddes who is retiring on September 8, 2014. Buth is well known in the domestic and international grain industry, having spent most of her professional life in agriculture. She was with the Canola Council… Read more »

Senator JoAnne Buth on Evaluating Opportunities, Choosing a Career Path & Achieving Your Best

People who like to plan or have everything go according to plan may or may not want to hear what Senator JoAnne Buth has to say about navigating a career path. In this enlightening interview between Buth and Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney, filmed at the Advancing Women — Leadership in Agriculture conference, Buth relates how… Read more »

Leadership Learnings from the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference

I’ve learned a few things about myself as my career in agriculture media has evolved — I thrive on face-to-face interaction, retain more information if I discuss a topic with someone else (or re-write notes) and that the more I learn about farming and the agriculture industry the more I feel there is to know… Read more »

What Are You Waiting For? Now is the Time to Step Up, Thirtysomethings

I had the great pleasure of joining the Manitoba Canola Growers Association for its second Canola Leaders event held November 29 and 30, 2013, at Brandon, Manitoba. About 20 young farmers participated in two days of fun, networking and learning, with a heavy emphasis on the importance of food, understanding consumers, learning leadership skills and… Read more »

Canola Council President Joanne Buth is Appointed to the Senate

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today that he has appointed seven new senators.  One of the new appointees is Canola Council of Canada President Joanne Buth.  According to the Winnipeg Free Press, buth has known since December that she would be appointed. Joanne Buth is a very respected individual in the agricultural community.  As the… Read more »

Canola School: Dealing with Market Access Issues for Canadian Canola

At the recent Canada Grains council meeting a listened to a full day of discussions around Canada’s market access issues  across all the main crop types.  The recent market access issues with canola are well documented and continue to challenge the countries trade attempts. With 85-95% of Canada’s canola crop getting exported, trade is very… Read more »