In a world where we’re bombarded by Facebook memes and sensational headlines skewing our perceptions about food and health, it’s hard for complex, science-based messages to get the attention they deserve. Legitimate scientific work based on replication and the peer review process tends to be complicated, tedious, and, often, boring. Dr. Joe Schwarcz, director of McGill University’s… Read More

So eating processed meat can cause cancer? Dr. Joe Schwarcz of McGill University, host of “The Dr. Joe Show” and author of numerous books interpreting scientific information for the general public, joins RealAg’s Kelvin Heppner on this week’s TWORA podcast to explain the World Health Organization’s report linking processed and red meats to cancer. Elsewhere, corn yields have… Read More

“It’s what the consumer demands.” Whether it be new products on store shelves, changes to government regulation, or new on-farm protocols, this has become the trumping selling point for whatever it is that needs selling. “The Consumer” is demanding oversight. “The Consumer” wants a more sustainable product. “The customer (read: consumer)” is always right. But… Read More


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