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Pain Mitigation: Just One More Way to Show Producers Care

For some ranchers procedures like dehorning/disbudding, castration and branding are necessary evils of the job. But necessity doesn’t make the work any easier. In an effort to improve animal welfare, and to respond to consumer concerns, the beef industry is addressing procedures like these with pain mitigation, and improved genetics. The Code of Practice for the Care… Read more »

Beef Research School – Managing Biosecurity with Beef Cattle

Biosecurity is one of those terms that brings to mind people in hazmat suits and areas roped off with red tape and biohazard signs. The simple truth about the term biosecurity is that it consists of a lot of things that producers already do on the farm. Biosecurity is everything producers do to prevent the… Read more »

Beef Research School: The How & When of Pain Mitigation in Cattle

Just because an animal does not overtly display discomfort, doesn’t mean they don’t feel any. This is true of prey animals — like cattle — where displaying pain may make them an easy target for predators. Because of this, it can be difficult to gauge how painful some procedures may be on animals. That said,… Read more »