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Farm & Food Care offers individual membership to bolster funding

It’s been 30 years since a fledgling organization called the Ontario Farm Animal Council began working to counter the efforts of activists opposed to animal agriculture in Ontario. After three decades, which included a name change and an amalgamation with AgCare, a like-minded farm organization concerned about resources and environmental stewardship, Farm & Food Care… Read more »

Kelly Daynard named executive director of Farm & Food Care Ontario

Farm & Food Care Ontario has named its new executive director. Kelly Daynard, who had served as interim executive director since January 2017, has had the interim tag removed from her title. “The board of directors is unanimous in its decision to hire Kelly to lead Farm & Food Care Ontario. She has a strong… Read more »

Who’s Working on Your Farm?

Finding good employees can be challenging for many Canadian farmers. The task can be even more daunting for livestock farmers when you consider the fact that the job applicant could be an animal rights activist intending to gather video evidence of animal abuse that will be posted on the Internet or turned over to the… Read more »

Latest “The Real Dirt on Farming” Reaches 1 Million Copies

It was just over a year ago that Farm & Food Care Canada released its fourth edition of “The Real Dirt on Farming” booklet, with the goal of distributing one million copies over the following four years. The organization says that milestone was reached this week, just 15 months after the 52-page digest was first… Read more »

Farm & Food Care Ontario Launches 4th Edition of “Real Dirt on Farming”

If your name is Kelly Daynard, you’ve likely been very, very busy over the last few months. That’s because Farm & Food Care Ontario, the organization Daynard is communications manager for, is rolling out several huge projects right now, while simultaneously supporting other provincial chapters of the organization to get off the ground. From the… Read more »