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Cigi moves to new funding model and board, signalling end of post-CWB transition

The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) has announced its new board of directors as it adopts a new funding model and board structure with the end of the temporary check-off that followed the end of the Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk in 2012. The three prairie province wheat commissions — the Alberta Wheat Commission, the… Read more »

Western Wheat Growers President Talks About Legal Action Against the CWB

When the initial court challenge by the Canadian Wheat Board was launched against the federal government you knew it wouldn’t go unanswered. The first of those legal responses was launched this week by the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association. The reasoning behind it stems from the CWB’s use of pool funds to launch their suit… Read more »

Review of the CWB Election – Kevin Bender, WCWGA

The Canadian Wheat Board election results are in and we didn’t even need a drum roll. The election was quiet before hand and even quieter after the results. Is there anything to take away from this election of the CWB?  Was this election as boring as it seemed and will voter eligibility changes come next?… Read more »