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Flea Beetle Pressure Very High: Farmers Encouraged to Scout Daily

If you scouted your canola field for flea beetle damage even a day or two ago, it’s time to get out there and do it again. Kristen Phillips, agronomy specialist in Manitoba for the Canola Council of Canada, is reporting a few thousand acres near Brandon will have to be reseeded because of excessive flea… Read more »

Canola School: Seeding Speed & Seed Depth — What’s the Impact?

Last week Kristen Phillips, Manitoba’s agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, introduced us to the Ultimate Canola Challenge set up near Portage la Prairie, Man., and offered tips on counting plant stands. The UCC, a demo of three teams all vying for top canola yields, includes three different canola varieties, seeding with two… Read more »

Canola School —2 Ways to Count Plants & the Ultimate Canola Challenge

How well did the seeding pass go? How well is the crop establishing? The only way to know is to get on out there, get down low and count canola plants. Checking on and counting newly emerged plants is a great time to evaluate depth consistency, identify any skips or over-seeding by run and a… Read more »

Spray or Seed First? Plus, Why you Shouldn’t Grow De-Registered Varieties

In a tight seeding window, is it better to seed first and spray later, or is a pre-seed burn-off a must? That’s the question we asked Kristen Phillips, agronomy specialist for Manitoba with the Canola Council of Canada. She says that 24 hours is all you need after a glyphosate application before heading in to… Read more »

Canola School: Planter vs. Seeder— What’s Best for Canola?

There are few things that get a farmer’s blood pumping like a field ready for the seeder and shiny new iron to drag across it. With the growing corn and soybean acres in the west, more farmers have adopted row crop planters, and, inevitably, wondered how good a job they would do on other crops…. Read more »