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Dr. Lloyd Dosdall – The Passing of a Truly Great Professor and Researcher

With great sadness I found out this morning that Dr. Lloyd Dosdall has passed away after a long battle with cancer. See Dr. Dosdall’s bio on the University of Alberta’s website I remember back in July 2010 when I first met Dr. Lloyd Dosdall. It was at the Farming Smarter site on the east side of… Read more »

Canola School – Pests You Should be Concerned About – Dr. Lloyd Dosdall

With the wet weather across the prairies getting all the media attention, you would assume that most farmers would be dealing with pests that come with an over abundance of moisture. With the majority of the west being wet except for the Peace, pests that love moisture will become a real problem.  The interesting thing… Read more »

Canola School: Understanding the Diamondback Moth – Lloyd Dosdall, U of A

As if the Western Canadian canola fields have not had enough challenges this year but now we also have to deal with the presence of the diamondback moth.  The diamondback moth is really causing havoc this season in comparison to prior years. In this episode of the Canola School, I speak to University of Alberta, Associate Professor… Read more »